Leora Tilden
Thomas Tilden
Tim Andersen
Ullysses A. Eoff
Marc Footen
Debbie Garrett
Jeff Habig
Richard D. Newman
Mason Vail
David Zuercher
William L. Crowley
Tim Otter
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We are always eager to hear from others who have similar interests. If our work and culture sound like a place you can thrive, please write us at with your resume in PDF, MS Word, or plain text.

Our research efforts focus on problems that span several disciplines, notably biology, computer science, and mathematics. Ideally, each member of the research group should bring expertise in several areas, but in fact such breadth is rare. Our success depends on what each of us contributes individually, how willing we are to challenge and revise our most basic assumptions and learn new approaches, how fully we develop collaborative habits of mind and business, and how well we function collectively.

Located in Eagle, Idaho (just outside of Boise), our firm has a work style that lets us take advantage of Southwest Idaho's rich environment for outdoor recreation. We take pride in fostering a culture of continual learning and discovery, a kind of graduate studies approach that delivers real results and spawns new scientific approaches and new technologies.

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