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Shape Homeostasis in Virtual Embryos   (2009) Artificial Life, Spring 2009, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 161-183.

Development of virtual embryos with emergent self-repair   (2006) Technical Report FS-06-03, Proceedings of the AAAI Fall 2006 Symposium on Developmental Systems (Arlington, VA), pp. 16-23.

Interactive Platform for Virtual Tissue Modeling

Development of Virtual Embryos with Emergent Self-Repair

A Biologically Derived Approach to Tissue Modeling   (2005) Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 13, IOS Press, Amsterdam (J Westwood et al, eds.) Studies in Technology and Informatics 111:15-21.

Gene and Body: Building and Maintaining the Phenotype of Living Organisms

Toward a New Theoretical Framework for Biology

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