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From the Company's beginning, our intent has been to form a synergistic confluence of life science, computer science and mathematics.

Our technological base is grounded in emulating the processes by which living tissue develops, self-organizes, and coordinates the activities of its constituent cells.  Faithfully simulating known functions of living cells has yielded some impressive technologies, and it helps to guide our understanding of complex phenomena that have traditionally relied on formal mathematics as the only lens of understanding.

Simply stated, any activity that can benefit from a clearer understanding of cellular and developmental processes of living organisms can effectively utilize our core technologies.

For instance, integrating computer modeling with wet-bench research enables design of genetically-modified cells, and it creates the potential for discoveries not possible using current wet lab procedures alone. On a much larger scale, the same core technologies hold promise for unraveling the intricacies of social interactions, whether among the cells of an organism, between host and pathogens, or even among multicellular organisms.


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